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Architectural Design

We believe that successful architecture comes from a synthesis of all the elements that separately comprise the character of a building, from the structure that holds it to the atmosphere it creates. Our anthropocentric design approach prioritises human well being. Key elements to MKStudio are the functionality and comprehensible spatial geometry that inform the architectural composition, the integration of exterior and interior spaces  through controlled transparency and unified function and the delicate use of natural and artificial light that reveal the qualities  of architecture.


An extensive discussion with our clients about their needs stimulates our research. We work with BIM for all the project stages; from the idea to its delivery, as we strongly believe that the core of a successful design is accuracy and details. All stages of the design process are presented by blueprints, 3d visualizations and often by physical models.

Stages of the architectural design process:

Αρχιτεκτονική μελέτη | Κουβαράκι Βρεφονηπιακός Σταθμός

#1                                                                  Schematic design/Feasibility study

#2                                                                  Design development

#3                                                                  Final design

#4                                                                  Building Permit

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