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Μαρία Κοντογιάννη

Maria Kontogianni

Founder & Managing Director

Maria Kontogianni is a Certified Architect, NTUA Engineer, holder of a Master's Degree in Spatial Planning, Urban Planning and Regional Development of the University of Thessaly. She has taken part in many Architectural Competitions in which she has gained many distinctions and awards. 

She has collaborated with the Municipality of Volos, the DIEK of Volos, the Municipal Enterprise of Design-Construction (DEMKA) of the Municipality of N. Ionia Volos, the Municipal Design Enterprise of Volos Constructions (DEMEKAV) of the Municipality of Volos and with the Municipalities of N. Ionia, Iolkos, Rigas Fereos, N. Anchialos, Aisonia and with the University of Thessaly. She has carried out many architectural and landscaping studies for the state in the context of European funding programs.

She has been working as a freelancer since 1986 and has designed and supervised the construction of private residences, hotels, traditional Pelion houses and complexes, educational and commercial buildings, pharmacies and apartment renovations, as well as urban projects. She has been an active member of the Association of Architects of Magnesia (SAM), in which she has also served as a President. She is a member of the Council of architecture of Magnesia and Sporades islands (SA).


- 1985: B PRIZE, Panhellenic Architectural competition for the renovation of district "Old city of Volos" (Municipality of Volos).


- 1987: A PRIZE, Final architectural study (Design-Construction) of the Mental Health Center of Larissa (Ministry of Health and Welfare).


- 1994: C PRIZE, Panhellenic Architectural competition “Formation of cells in the center of Volos and creation of a linear park on Riga Fereou Street” (Municipality of Volos).


- 1995: A PRIZE, Panhellenic Architectural competition “Utilization of the old Silos” of Municipality of N. Ionia Volos (Municipality of N. Ionia Volos), 100% participation. Preparation of final study and application study.


- 1999: A PRIZE, Panhellenic Architectural competition with pre-selection for the preliminary design of the City Hall of Municipality of Rigas Fereos Magnesia.

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