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Our Studio

The office was established in 1986 by the founding architect Maria Kontogianni, with an aim to offer high quality architectural services covering a wide range of building typologies. In 2017 it has been co-directed by Sotiria Sarri and since its establishment, MKStudio has successfully designed and completed various projects in Greece, resulting in its development into a well-organized network of design professionals. Our wide-ranging portfolio of projects includes private residences, hotels, educational, rehabilitation as well as commercial, master planning and landscape design of public spaces.

The core of MKStudio’s philosophy is to always achieve unity between design and construction in order to provide integrated solutions for each project. Our approach is sensitive to location history, culture and the environment and we always aim for constructing data-driven arguments and delivering evidence-based designs. This is carried out by our collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of professionals and a full understanding of the client’s needs.

Who we are

Μαρία Κοντογιάννη
Μαρία Κοντογιάννη
Maria Kontogianni
Founder & Managing Director

Σωτηρία Σαρρή
Σωτηρία Σαρρή
Sotiria Sarri
Co-Founder, Senior Design Architect

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