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Our Services

Architectural design

We believe that successful architecture comes from a synthesis of all the elements that separately comprise the character of a building, from the structure that holds it, to the atmosphere it creates. Our anthropocentric design approach prioritises human well being. Key elements to MKS Studio are the functionality and comprehensible spatial geometry that inform the architectural composition, the integration of exterior and interior spaces  through controlled transparency and unified function and the delicate use of natural and artificial light that reveal the qualities  of architecture.


An extensive discussion with our clients about their needs stimulates our research. We work with BIM for all the project stages; from the idea to its delivery, as we strongly believe that the core of a successful design is accuracy and details. All stages of the design process are presented by blueprints, 3d visualizations and often by physical models.

Interior design

Interior spaces have a profound impact on our well-being and everyday comfort, therefore it is clear for us that interior design is about living well and feeling good. With an emphasis on aesthetics, quality and functionality, we develop and deliver solutions that go beyond decoration and lifestyle.


Our principal intention is the harmonious integration of the needs of each client and the way in which the space will be used, both the tangible (materials) and intangible elements (light, tones, sounds, atmosphere) that make up a space as a whole. The goal is the creation of interiors that increase life quality and are both functional and elegant. Our office provides  integral propositions presented by blueprints, moodboards and 3d visualisations for interior layouts. 

Urban design

Our office  has conducted urban studies for landscaping spaces of special interest, from masterplan studies to the regeneration of small neighbourhoods. Our academic training on spatial planning has given us all the necessary tools to tackle the evolutionary changes and rapid social, technological and environmental transformations that are shaping our urban environments.


Some of our projects are the Study of the Reconstruction of Palaia, the Utilisation and Reconstruction of the hill of Goritsa, the architectural study of the square and hill of Agios Ioannis, Municipality of Iolkos, the landscaping of various squares in the Municipality of Rigas Ferraios, together with the landscaping of the main street and square in the Municipality of Nea Anchialos.

Site supervision

For the successful implementation of the architectural study, a crucial element is the extensive supervision of all the construction phases of the project, together with a good project and time management, to ensure the correct execution of the design and the smooth outcome of works.

Issuance of building permits

It includes the issuance of Building Permits, Small Scale Permits, Urban Planning File Update and other building permits to the respective urban planning services.

Arbitrary arrangement

Το transfer a property, the issuance of a legality certificate is required. the issuance of a certificate of its legality. At the same time, and regardless of the transfer, it is necessary to arrange any arbitrary construction that exists on the property.
The process of legalising arbitrary constructions (according to Law 4495/17.) includes the collection of the legalization data of the property, the on-site autopsy of the property, the calculation of the fine and its completion with the issuance of the legality certificate.

Issuance of energy performance certificates

According to the current legislation, every property must have an energy performance certificate, which records its current energy situation, as well as suggested ways for its energy upgrade. Its issuance is necessary in cases of rental and notarial deed of transfer.

Digital building identity issuance

The issuance of the digital building identity is required both for all properties that need to be transfered and for new buildings/properties. Apart from buildings, undeveloped plots/fields as well as detached properties fall under the same legislation. A case study file is compiled digitally, which includes the drawings, the planning permit, the energy performance certificate and any legalised  arbitrary arrangements.

Inclusion in current governmental building energy upgrade programs

Our studio, together with its experienced partners, undertakes the inclusion of your project in the current programs of the Ministry of Environment and Energy. A necessary condition is the compilation of a file with the necessary supporting documents.


Our office provides consultation services which include real estate research in terms of legality, completeness of the building's planning permit, financial issues, as well as a detailed record of the future possibilities of the property.

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