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1910 Lifestyle Hotel

The aim of the project is to revive the area of former timber warehouses and complement the adjacent city landmarks, such as the City Hall, the main University Library and the Giorgio de Chirico Art Center.

The seamless connection to the waterfront and the shape of the plot itself determined the design principles for this 4star hotel. The main structure is developed as an elongated rectangular solid on five levels with rounded edges, facilitating pedestrian traffic as well as creating space for parking in the pilotis area and in the uncovered area of the plot.

Inspired by the marina’s sailboat masts, each concrete frame accommodates aluminum louvres which act for sun protection and privacy, with views overlooking the waterfront to the south and mountain Pelion to the east. When seen from a distance, the variations in the louvres’ placement create a feeling of movement, giving the impression of wind-blown curtains. Moreover, on the ground floor, four metal frames enclose the lobby, which opens up at both sides of the street.Finally, throughout the three floors, twenty three rooms of various types are created. A cantilevered transparent metal canopy completes the building on the fourth floor, which slightly retreats from the façade, providing shelter for the restaurant-breakfast area and panoramic views of the city.


Dimitriados & 54th Syntagmatos Street, Volos

150 m²

December 2022

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