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Rehabilitation Suite




The rehabilitation suite project concerns the transformation of a doctor’s office and examination room into a suite for treating and accommodating patients and their companions. The suite is located within a rehabilitation center in Volos and is designed to meet all disabled specifications. The main feature of the project is the unobstructed view to the dense vegetation of the Goritsa Hill. Consequently, this led to the decision to introduce the image and qualities of the forest into the interior of the suite. In terms of design, the aim was to create an escalation in the transition of the hallway to the main room as well as a warm, familiar, and at the same time luxurious welcoming space, which was achieved through the different lighting scenarios, the use of natural materials and earthy tonal contrasts.

In terms of the materials, marble was chosen as a single floor covering material for the hallway and the main room, with the aim of unifying them, while at the same time creating a neutral base which would reflect the abundant natural and artificial light. Natural materials such as oak and marble are chosen for the hallway and the main room, while white hand-made tiles and decorative floor tiles in sage tone are selected for the bathroom.

There is immediate visual connection between the bathroom and the main room through a glass window opening. As a result, the room functions as an open plan space that allows a diffused circulation of the user and the light. Finally, the architectural language that can be found in the divider of the space but also in the bespoke design of the furniture, enhances a holistic experience of the space.




Maria Kontogianni, Sotiria Sarri


Putri Dwimirnani


Nickolas Chryssos

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