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Three-storey family residence with subsequent extension


The three-storey residence is located at a corner plot in the area of Ag. Konstantinou in the Municipality of Volos and consists of four floors. The main building was initially built on a middle plot with a southeast orientation and a short facade length, while it was later expanded to the corner plot with the addition of a parking construction.
On the ground floor, the entrance area, auxiliary areas of the house and parking spaces are located. The main house extends on the first and second floor, while on the third floor there is an office space. On the first floor, the private areas of the house are situated, and on the second floor the common areas, so that they are closer to the large outdoor space of the third floor, which provides views to the horizon and the sea.
The construction of the building is a combination of metal frame and reinforced concrete elements. The main idea of the composition was that the metal frame and, consequently, its construction, to be visible and conceivable at all levels of the facade, illustrating the escalation of the building: base-body-top.

The materials from the demolition of the previous building were recovered and reused in the new construction. References to the historical cement and brick-ceramics factories of the city are found through the direct placement of old floors and bricks, decorating the stone and creating thematic patterns on the ground. More specifically, the original ornate cement tiles were placed on the landings of the internal stairwell, which showcases an exposed metal frame, while the original stone was reused in the pilotis space as well as in the building enclosure. Additionally, in the intermediate semi-sheltered space, old cement tiles with geometric patterns were used, intensifying the spatial transition between the main house and the extension of the parking. Linear shadows that alternate during the day emphasize the Doric elements of the building, while earthy colours, wooden elements, and bespoke metal pieces with engraved details balance harmoniously with the rest of the construction.
The lightweight construction of the facade pergola connects the balconies with varying vertical awnings, framing the view and offering protection from the sun. On the top floor, the pergola is repeated in the living room-barbecue with movable blinds, creating a changing shelter, sometimes compact and sometimes permeable, bringing to the interior different qualities of natural light.





Maria Kontogianni, Sotiria Sarri



Nikos Chatzinikolaou


Ioannis Chatzigeorgiou


Nickolas Chryssos

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